The Yoga Chronicles: Reflections on Life and Yoga- Chapter VII “Don’t Sleep on That Ancient Art” (Eagle Pose) by Vernon Johns


Don’t Sleep on That Ancient Art (The Yoga Chronicles Remix) From what I hear the “Eagle Pose” can change a grown man’s life, when faced with those predicaments that cause him stress and strife. Sit back in “Chair,” then “Forward Fold.” “Flat Back.” “Stand High.” Extend your arms, and fix your gaze; Reach… heart… to… […]

The Eric Holder Series – 4 Character Types Employed By All Americans To Avoid a Substantive Discussion About Race: The Euro-American Race-Essentialist (Part 1)


EUROPEAN-AMERICAN STRATEGIES EMPLOYED TO EVADE A FULL EXAMINATION OF AMERICAN HISTORY Many contemporary European-Americans, like most human beings living in democratic societies who consider themselves endowed by their Creator with natural rights, have a very difficult time acknowledging the fact that their not too distant ancestors behaved in irrational, immoral and inhumane ways toward other […]

INTRODUCTION: Eric Holder’s (Deep) Psychological Insight: 4 Strategies Employed by Black And White Americans To Avoid Engaging in Substantive Discussions About Race


Introduction   In the wake of the Trayvon Martin murder and the George Zimmerman acquittal, the nation’s top law enforcer, Attorney General Eric Holder, has pleaded, once again, with the American people to conduct a series of serious, substantive discussions about ‘race.’  And, once again, Attorney General Holder’s request has been met with cacophonous, rancorous […]

I Am Trayvon Martin (Part III: My Life As Unintentional Participant-Observer of White Americans’ Response to Blacks’ Routine Experience of Injustice) – Superstorm Nemo, My Brush With a Baby-Faced Homicidal Maniac, and the Utter Absurdity of Living Your Life As A Black American Male in 2013


Introduction In this series of essays, my intention is to point out that the exoneration of George Zimmerman in 2013 for the murder of Trayvon Martin, while tragic and heartrending, is merely the most recent scandalous example of a troubling reality that plays itself out daily in American life. Throughout American history black people have […]

The Time is Now….

MLK Quote

As one who has devoted his academic career, professional life, and creative energy to the exploration, examination and explanation of ‘racial’ dynamics in The United States, especially as it relates to the social interactions occurring between blacks and whites, I have the unique privilege -and considerable challenge- of being intimately familiar with the very issue […]


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